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Russia Novosibirsk District first mortar factory chairman Andre to visit our company

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2018/08/04 17:07
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Russia Novosibirsk District first mortar factory chairman Andre

To our company to visit the exchange

April 3rd, Russia's Co. Gerkules-Sibir, Ltd company chairman Andre to visit our company. Legal representative Li Peiqin, general manager Wang Gongxin, sales director, accompanied by Song Lufeng.

Gerkules-Sibir Co., Ltd company is Novosibirsk District first dry mortar plant, with an annual output of 5 million tons of HPMC mortar, building materials demand reached 1200 tons / year, starch ether demand reached 200 tons / year, the market prospects, 2015 plans to build a new plant in Kazakhstan, will further increase of HPMC and HPS product demand.

Andre visited the company level building materials production workshop and Research Institute, the scale of production, planning and construction of the legal representative of Li Peiqin company introduced, Cooperation Institute of scientific research and development facilities, and universities has made the commentary. Andre expressed appreciation for the company's production scale, standardized plant construction, first-class production equipment and Research Institute of the construction and development of high starting point and field strength, and technical personnel to carry out in-depth communication, understanding the performance and application of the product.

The visit has enhanced the friendship between the two sides, in order to establish a friendly and cooperative trade relations have taken a solid step forward.