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My company in 2015 in Hefei, Shandong - Kingfisher Wacker Everbright Technology seminar

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2018/08/04 17:07
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I joined the company in 2015

"Hefei's - Wacker and Shandong Everbright Technology seminar"

In March 31st, my company's legal representative and general manager Li Peiqin Wang Gongxin led the relevant personnel to participate in sales and technology sponsored by the Hefei energy saving building materials Co. Ltd. 2015 Kingfisher Kingfisher "Hefei - Germany Wacker and Shandong Everbright Technology seminar".

Large meeting, the participants more than more than and 200 building materials enterprises to participate in. General manager Wang Gongxin introduced to the participants the basic situation of enterprises, product advantages, dry mixed mortar common quality problems and solutions. Technical director Zhao Jianyu introduced the development of new products, the promotion of modified starch ether GD301 new products, so that customers understand the market development trend and application performance of new products. At the same time to invite customers to participate in interaction, on-site demonstration of GD301 application in ceramic tile adhesive slip resistance test, the product has attracted many customers to visit, won the industry.

Through the meeting, the company promoted the new products, improve the product market influence, showing the company's independent research and development and product application technology advantages.