Corporate culture

Thousands of sails compete, and hundreds of boats compete for the flow. We are in an era full of passion and vitality. Facing the tide of reform, opening up and development, it is both a rare opportunity and a severe challenge for enterprises. We will use the spirit of innovation to solve various problems, break boundaries, realize the optimization and reorganization of production factors, and inject strong vitality into the development of the company on the basis of adhering to "people-oriented, technology is the primary productive force". The company is built into an excellent modern enterprise.

Business philosophy

High quality and high efficiency benefit the country and the people

All for the enterprise, all for the employees

Be grateful to the business owners and repay the society

Corporate purposes

Unity, progress, improvement, technological excellence, development

entrepreneurial spirit

Self-reliance and self-improvement, hard work and skillful work, hard work, pioneering and dedication

Everbright employees should do

Three grasps: grasp yourself, grasp the angle, and grasp the effect of work

Four knowledges: knowing oneself is short, knowing others is good, knowing good and evil, knowing things

Six nos: not special, not selfish, not arrogant, not breaking rules, not arrogant, not hurting others

Eight have: have a public heart, have love, have responsibility, have quality, have ability, have goals, have measures, and have benefits