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Ethyl Cellulose(EC)


1.Product Introduction

This product is white or grayish, odorless liquid powder, insoluble in water but soluble in organic solvents, good thermal stability, the ash is very low when burned, little stickiness or astringent, flex resistance is maintained at a low temperature, non-toxic, strong anti-biological properties, metabolic inert. But in the sun or UV light, it prone to oxidative degradation.

2.Product Application

Because of its water-insoluble, the product mainly used as a tablet binder and coating materials, also can be used as a skeleton material blockers, prepared of various types of sustained Release Tablets; This product is used as the encapsulated excipients prepared sustained release capsules, so that efficacy remains released, and to avoid some of the water-soluble drug premature role; The product also can be used in various pharmaceutical dosage forms as a dispersing agent, stabilizing agent, water retention agent, to prevent the drug form damp and deterioration, enhance tablet safe storage.

3.Dissolution Method

Aromatic hydrocarbons and alcohols are the product most commonly used mixed solvent Aromatics available as benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, xylene, etc., dosage of 60% to 80%; Alcohols may be methanol, ethanol, etc., and dosage of 20% to 40%.The product was slowly added to a container filled with solvent under stirring, until wetted and dissolved completely.

4.Technical Indicators

5.Product Description

[Storage]sealed,keep in a dry place.

[Packing]kraft paper bag lined with polyethylene bag.

[Net weight]20kg/package

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