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The Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose


1.Product Introduction

This product is odorless white powder or granules;bulk density is 0.26-0.79g/cm3;It can be dissolved in an organic solvent,such as acetone, acetone / water (95/5) and acetone / ethanol (1/1), dichloromethane / ethanol (1/1), ethanol / water (8/2), etc., It doesn’t dissolved in water, neither dissolved in the acidic buffer

2.Product Application

This product is a superior enteric sugarcoated material,having a stable viscosity and excellent in anti-acid properties.When the pH is 5.0-5.5 it doesn’t dissolve,Dosage is generally 5% to 10% of the pharmaceutical weight,the concentration is 6% -8 %. Mainly used as tablets, granules, frame materials, adhesives, implants, flooded deodorant. It also is widely used in the aquaculture industry, bio-technology and other aspects.

Preparation of coating solution:The concentration of the coating liquid: Usually HPMCP accounted for 3-6% of the solution total weight。Used organic solvent: methylene chloride / ethanol (1/1), acetone / ethanol (1/1), the ethanol / water (8/2).

Dissolution method: Quantitative solvent was added to the vessel, while stirring slowly add HPMCP Stir for 20-50 minutes to dissolve. HPMCP dosage is generally 6-10% of the tablet core weight.

3.Technical Indicators

4.Product Description

【Storage】keep dry, away from heat and sunlight, store in an airtight container.

【Packing】cardboard drum lined with double polyethylene bags.


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