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High-substituted Hydroxypropyl


1.Product Introduction

2.Product Application

This product is mainly used as a binder in the pharmaceutical field, such as tablets, granules, particles of binder material, Dosage is generally 1% to 5% of the pharmaceutical weight.It’s can increase the stability of the tablet, improve tablethardness, dissolution time than the raw material material do binder tablets; Used as a tablet film-coating material; H-HPC having excellent film-forming properties, the resulting film was tough and elasticity, with a plasticizer assesseda low equilibrium moisture content, can further improve the performance of the film through the mix with the other anti-temperature applicator agent; Used as the agent thickeners, builders additives and emulsion stabilizer; Useed as skeleton material prepared skeletonthe sustained-release tablets, sustained release pellets and double sustained release tablets; used as gel agents of ethanol occasions as well as the ointment base.

3.Technical Indicators

4.Product Description

【Storage】sealed,keep in a dry place.

【Packing】kraft paper bag lined with polyethylene bag.

【Net weight】20kg/package

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