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Low-substituted Hydroxypropylcellulose(L-HPC)


1、Product Introduction

2.Product Application

This product is mainly used as a tablet disintegrating agent and a binder. The characteristic is: easy to press molding, strong applicability, especially for tablets that are not easy molding, plasticity and brittleness. Added to the product can significantly improve the hardness of the tablet and the appearance of brightness, Moreover makes the tablet disintegrating rapidly, even if the hardness of the tablet reaches 13kg, disintegrating need only ten minutes, therefore improving the tablet intrinsicquality, so improve efficacy; Using this product prepared tablets the disintegration is not affected for a long-term preservation.

Used as tabled binder, the wet granulation is generally plus 5-20%, the powder directly tableting the amount of 5-20%; Used as tablet disintegrating agents, the amount of 2-10%, typically 5%, whether within plus or plus, depending on the prescription.

3.Technical Indicators

4.Product Description

【Note】This product can react with the alkaline substances,So if the tablet formulationscontaining alkaline substances, the disintegration or dissolution time may be extendedafter a long period of storage.For this,if the Preparation raw material is alkaline substances and prescription contents this goods, the production enterprises should strengthen the stability test, disintegration time and dissolution investigation.

【Storage】sealed,keep in a dry place.

【Packing】kraft paper bag lined with polyethylene bag.

【Net weight】20kg/package

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