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Hydroxypropyl Starch Ether


1. Chemical Name: Hydroxypropyl Starch Ether (HPS)

2. Technical Indicators

3.Main Purpose

In the food industry ,HPS mainly used as a thickener, Specifically for frozen food and convenience foods. It can provide a stable viscosity, and to ensure that having a water holding capacity in the low-temperature storage conditions. It can also be used together with other thickeners.

HPS also can be used in meat Khan, sausage, fruit drinks and puddings as thickener, providing a fine, thick, clear and free of particulates structure, maintain this kinds of structure in a variety of storage temperatures including in the frozen state, and there’s any other miscellaneous taste.

HPS also can be used as base material of a chewing gum, having a good elasticity and chewing.

4.Product Description

【Storage】keep dry, away from heat and sunlight, store in an airtight container.


【Packing】coated cardboard drum lined with double polyethylene bags.【Weight】25kg/package

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