Introduction of waste gas treatment technology of Shandong Everbright Technology Development Co., LTD



Our company's odor upgrading is to seal all the pools of the sewage treatment system, so as to ensure that the waste gas generated by the sewage treatment system is not scattered, and reduce the unorganized emission of waste gas. The waste gas produced in the workshop is collected centrally by glass fiber reinforced plastic pipes in the low concentration area. The waste gas in the confined space passes through the collection pipe under the suction action of the induced draft fan, and then enters the exhaust gas balancer for condensation recovery and then enters the countercurrent atomizing spray tower. The odor in the waste gas will be absorbed by the medium here. At the same time, the water-soluble components in the waste gas are also initially absorbed by the water absorption liquid in the spray tower, and then the waste gas enters the three-phase multi-medium catalytic oxidation tower. Under the catalytic action of the catalyst, the oxidant in the three-phase multi-medium catalytic oxidation tower produces a large number of OH (hydroxide ion) free radicals. The organic components in the waste gas are oxidized by the OH free radicals. Substances that are easily dissolved in water, such as acid and salt, are captured by the absorption liquid, and finally the odor gas reaches the standard of the chimney 25 meters above the air after purification. After the implementation of the project, the odor removal rate can reach 99.9%, basically eliminate the possibility of volatile organic compounds discharged into the atmosphere.