My company's second phase of sewage odor treatment project completed



In November, our company invested 3.6 million yuan in the construction of the sewage treatment station phase II sewage odor treatment project completed.

The project adopts ozone hydroxyl radical reaction technology and atomizing washing technology. The whole project is composed of four parts: gas collection system, gas delivery system, biological oxidation system and gas emission system. It adopts sealing method to collect the irritant odor emitted by water body, which is absorbed and treated once by lye spray device, and then treated deeply by catalytic oxidation device before reaching standard discharge. The actual capacity can reach 500 cubic meters per hour.

In 2015, the methanol recycling project and production wastewater recycling project of Shandong Everbright Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. have passed the technical demonstration. It plans to invest 16 million yuan for technical transformation. At present, the funds have been allocated and part of the equipment has been purchased and manufactured. In 2016, our company will further increase the investment in technology and environmental protection, reduce pollutant emissions from the source, strive to achieve the harmonious development of the enterprise and the natural environment, and create an "environmentally friendly" enterprise.